• Prathisha Singh

#1 shift you need to make so you can have a thriving business

Dear Goddess Mama,

Are you stuck in struggleville?

Juggling your kids, your home and trying to start a new business, Goddess?

I was there, I know exactly what that feels like. It is stressful, its overwhelming, you go from cycles of success to cycles of feeling like a failure.

You can have consistency in your life and your business with the right structures put in place.

Those structures begin with you, dear Woman.

They begin with knowing your worth - ditching the self-doubt and confusion.

They begin with commanding love and respect in your relationship.

They begin with knowing your value so that you can respectfully communicate you needs to your partner and get the support you ACTUALLY need instead of pretending that you are fine, when you are really not fine.

If you are done struggling on your own and you are ready to join my safe, sacred and supportive container, then apply for you heart to heart chat with me here:

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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