• Prathisha Singh

Are you drowning?

Divine Woman,

Are you drowning under the weight of

your past, feeling hopeless and helpless?

Are you overwhelmed and unsupported ?

Has the rug been swept from underneath your feet?

Do you find you are constantly wishing for a miracle so your struggle can magically vanish?

Perhaps a failed marriage, you’re terminally ill, you’ve lost a loved one or your career has come to a halt?

You feel hurt, disappointed, lost and trapped by life’s cruelty.

Are you disconnected from your soul’s calling and living with a closed heart?

Are you shackled by resentment and bitterness?

Your perfectly manicured nails and salon-styled hair conceal your trauma, anxiety and relentless worry.

You feel fragile, exhausted and drained, but you push on to fulfill your duties of motherhood.

You are wrapped in beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets, but getting out of bed is difficult. You have lost your spark and your zest for life, dear Queen.

It is time to STOP the people-pleasing, over-giving and martyrdom. When you value yourself - you will be valued by everyone, Goddess!

If you’re ready to join the many women that I have supported ——-

to shift from pain, anxiety, exhaustion and fear of the future (in relationships, finances and soul’s purpose) into a powerful magnetic manifester of the love, joy and money you deeply desire

Then apply for your sacred chat with me here👇

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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