• Prathisha Singh

Are you hiding behind your salon styled hair and your perfectly manicured nails?

Hey Gorgeous Woman,

Are you hiding behind your salon styled hair and your perfectly manicured nails?

Is it just a mask for the inner struggle that you conceal?

Do you feel like you were born for so much more?

Like you were dished out a tough hand and it’s unfair?

You are right. There is more to your life. Riches are your birthright, Goddess and you are destined for an amazing life.

You’re done hitting the speed bumps and it’s time to transform your life at the speed of light - in 90 days to be exact.

Join my program Unleash your Inner Goddess - A 90 Day VIP journey to shift from overwhelm, anxiety, and exhaustion to magnetise the love, joy and money you have always desired to give you back your bounce.

How would it feel on this 90 day transformational journey of the soul to:

Transform the struggle in your life from something that breaks you into something that makes you!

Break the shackles of anger and resentment triggered by life’s betrayals to activate the codes of emotional sovereignty and claim ease in your mind, body and soul

Shift out of expecting your partner to be a 24/7 cheerleader who validates your gifts and abilities to fully owning your divine femme power and take sacred responsibility for the success of your soul calling

Say goodbye to putting your needs last, when you harness a deep love and acceptance for your inner Goddess who wants to say ‘Here I am world.’

Shift into a Queen Mama who commands love and respect when you unburden the relationships in your life from expectations and disappointment and create a rich, playful intimacy with your partner

Ditch the confusion and doubt around what you need to be doing with your life, and become fully integrated with your Goddess purpose to start living your most aligned and deeply fulfilling life

Stop the limiting beliefs of ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘I’m not worthy’ in its tracks to unleash your sacred gifts and speak your enchanting truth

Ditch the guilt of wanting time and space for yourself and shift into a confident mama who claims her right to do things that light up her mind, body and soul with rejuvenating joy

Purge yourself of past failures and present regrets so that you can tune into the highest version of yourself and start manifesting the life you truly desire

If this resonates with you, apply for your sacred chat here

I’ll analyse your life - relationships, money, career, health and business.

Discover what the core blocks are that are stipping you from having the life you desire and map out your next power steps to get your to where your heart truly wants to be.

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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