• Prathisha Singh

Are you ready? 🙌

Dear Gorgeous Woman, are you ready?

I am Prathisha Singh, Ultimate Bounce Back Expert and Inner Goddess Activator!

🥲Not long ago, I was broken, depressed, emotionally drained; and I had resentment for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I was stuck and trapped by life’s circumstances. 😱

I remember sleepless nights, when I lay in the foetal position curled on my bed. I felt hopeless, helpless and betrayed by life. 🤮🥲

It took me 18 months to shift my life - emotionally, spiritually and successfully. Today I am a:

🎉Goddess wife

🎉Divine mother

🎉Professional Scientist


Happiness Trainer 😊

💥Clearing Practitioner

👸Certified Life Coach

💃Presenter on radio and streaming channel

✨Its your turn, the world awaits you! Unleash your Inner Goddess, bedazzle the world with your sparkle and be your own cheerleader!

🔥If you’re done with struggling and done trying to figure it out on your own - AND you’re ready for SACRED and DiVINE transformation, then I invite you to get on a call with me. Apply for your spot here:

I will 🧐analyse your frequency to see what the core block is, and together we will map out your next steps so that you can start attracting everything you desire for your life ———— in just 8 weeks!!!

💫This invitation is for women who are ready to release the pain and struggle, to reclaim their inherent power, and to rise into their divine and juicy Goddess energy.

If you desire more LOVE, more ABUNDANCE and more RADIANCE, this is for you!

I have limited spaces and book our really quickly, so if you’re serious about this and you feel READY——- then apply for a scared chat with me here:


I can’t wait to meet you (on Zoom that is!)

Lots of love,


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