• Prathisha Singh

Break up with Burnout

The Nourished Mama Initiation

Break up with burnout, ditch the overwhelm and anxiety about not being perfect and move into divine flow and freedom

Dear gorgeous Woman,

Are you struggling with overwhelm and anxiety about not getting it right with your children, your finances, your career and your relationship?

Are you drowning under the weight of self-doubt and exhaustion?

Do fear of failure and fear of the future consume your life?

Are you praying for a way out, Goddess?

Are you ready to transform your life from a mountain of mess into a glorious stream of divine flow and freedom? I did it and so can you!

Come join me for The Nourished Mama Initiation and kiss burnout goodbye!

Imagine if you:

Released the burden of self-sacrifice and over-giving to make time for pleasure and play in your weekly schedule

Broke up with burnout and feel deeply relaxed and ready for more juiciness in your life

Ditched the guilt of wanting time for yourself and shifted into a confident mama who claims her right to do the things which light up her mind, body and spirit with rejuvenating joy

Purged yourself of past failures and present regrets so that you can tune into the highest version of yourself and start manifesting the life you desire

Vanquished the BS story that you must be strong and do it all on your own; and instead surround yourself with a support system of people to eradicate the stress

Released feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus every day and shift into a sacred on-fire woman who rides the train of love, abundance, and vibrant health

Join me on Wednesday 10th August 2022

Its free in my private Facebook group

3pm SAST, GMT + 2, UTC + 2

2 pm UK time

9 am EST

7 am MT

Much love, Prathisha

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