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  • Prathisha Singh

Cheers to you, CEO Mama 🥂

To all the CEO Mamas:

Cheers to you, Goddesses 🥂

🥰 You’re amazing. I see you, hear you and feel you!

You’re doing all the things in your business - marketing, sales, coaching etc etc. while balancing ⚖️ and juggling 🤹‍♂️ motherhood and marriage!

Phew it’s ALOT, right?

I know - it’s the school holidays here in SA at the moment and I’ve DECIDED that’s it going to be fun and filled with LOVE ❤️ JOY 🤩 and PURPOSE because I’m going to ONLY take energetically aligned action ⚡

Are you ready to attract your soul-aligned clients while you are mama-ing it?

Imagine if they came to you with ease and grace?

Imagine if you could have it ALL - the marriage, motherhood 👩‍👦and money 💰 without the exhaustion, overwhelm, worry and mom guilt?

Imagine if you had the flexibility and time 🕰️ to have it all and be all?

Want to map out your next 10k USD? We will connect you to YOUR soul’s desires and map out your next three power steps.

Steps that are right and best for you and your life- not a pre-made strategy that works for everyone. This one is for YOU, Goddess 👸

Let’s chat here:

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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