• Prathisha Singh

Combat anxiety with this technique

Hello and Happy Monday,

as promised, I will be sharing my bounce back journey with you.

In the last two weeks, in particular, I noticed that my anxiety becomes overwhelming when I allow my thoughts to drift to the negative past or the uncertain future. We have a tendency to dwell on negative experiences from our pasts and to worry about the future - all of this compounds our anxiety. Have you ever caught yourself doing this?

Here is an amazing tip to manage anxiety and even combat it:

Be in the now. Enjoy the present moment, whatever it is that you’re doing - playing with your kids, working, shopping etc. Stay in the moment. Stop your mind from wandering. Bring your mind back to the present moment when you catch yourself thinking about the negative past or worrying about the uncertain future.

Do not berate yourself when you become aware of the habit. Just gently bring your mind back to the present moment. Pay attention to the details of the present moment - engage and be aware of all your five senses.

Try it and share your thoughts with me.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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