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Create a rich playful intimacy with your partner

Updated: Jun 27

How to create a rich, playful intimacy with your partner

Do you feel bored in your relationship? Undervalued? Not appreciated? Not taken care of? Overwhelmed by the mundane toxicity of life and motherhood so you don’t have time or energy for you partner? Do you expect your partner to romance you, and yet he doesn’t?

Does your heart simply yearn for love, attention and romance?

Here’s a little reminder - you have to ‘save’ some of you for your partner. Yes, we are always consumed by work, children, household maintenance, family etc etc - BUT if you want the spark and intimacy back in your life then you have to consciously make it happen.

This was one of the HUGEST learnings from my marriage re-build as I like to call it. After my marriage failed the first time, it was easy to see in hindsight that I always gave my all to my husband, but and its an important but —— while I was so dedicated to doing EVERYTHING and being EVERYTHING, I had no energy left to be playful and romantic. Yes I had always fulfilled the BIG things - the support, love etc was always there. But I was too consumed with doing everything to be fun and playful.

So, now I delegate a lot of the responsibility, its a lot more ‘fair’ now. And I use some of that energy to be fun and playful. We make more of an effort for date nights and enjoying each other’s company now than we did before.

If you want to have a rich, playful intimacy with your partner, consciously plan it. Save time and energy for it and MAKE it happen, Divine Woman.

If you’re ready to consciously ascend your relationships to new heights of love, support and intimacy then apply for your divine chat with me.

I will analyse your frequency and identify the core blocks stopping you from enjoying the EPIC relationship you deserve. Together, we will map out the steps to connect you soul to soul to your partner.

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