• Prathisha Singh

Divine Women, here is an invitation to SACRED, DIVINE transformation

Hello Beautiful, Divine


Ditch the guilt, shame, burnout and people pleasing Mama role and shift into being a Queen Mama who sets boundaries, loves, values, nurtures and respects herself and isn’t afraid to say NO!

Shift from feeling frazzled and frustrated with your children and partner —— and into an inner space of deep, joy, peace and happiness which will keep you smiling, even in the face of a toddler’s tantrums.

Release the underlying emotional baggage which keeps you addicted to the sweet stuff and reclaim your power to process emotions with healthy foods.

Unapologetically, live the life your soul yearns for! Be FREE, Goddess!

If you’re struggling on your own and you’re ready for SACRED and DIVINE transformation; if you want more abundance and more radiance in your life?

Book your sacred chat with me here to discover your roadmap to transform YOUR life.

Much love,


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