• Prathisha Singh

Do you wish for world peace?

In a world filled with violence, injustice, and uncertainty we all wish for world peace, don’t we?

World peace necessitates the attainment of inner peace within every individual- or at least the majority of the population. When one person embarks on a journey of self-transformation and acquires inner peace, despite the happenings of the world surrounding them, they are able to transform another. That other then goes on to transform another and then so forth. So you see, the journey to world peace begins with you.

Are you ready to begin?

Popular texts (Conversations with God, being my favourite) emphasise that we are all but an individuation of divinity. I am a firm believer. Every individual is capable of expressing pure love should they wish to, and every individual has the potential to manifest an evolved expression of humanity.

Begin your journey of self- transformation with me. Release all fear, worry, anxiety, regret, judgement and non-forgiveness. Forgive the world for not living up to your expectations and forgive your fellow individuations of divinity in the same way.

Be your true self: Be love.

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