• Prathisha Singh

Does the thought of another year TERRIFY you?

Dear Divine Goddess! 👸 Happy New Year! ✨

Does the thought of a new year terrify you? 😱😨

😨 Are you afraid of spending ANOTHER year PEOPLE pleasing and over extending yourself?

😨😱After my experience of trauma ———-ANXIETY and FEAR of the awful experience ever repeating itself filled me with TERROR.

💪 Isn’t it time to give up the martyrdom and shift into a self-assured and confident woman?

🔥You can RELEASE the fear, anxiety and worry to TRANSFORM your life.

❤️ Live with ease in your mind, body and soul

🔥 Live your soul’s purpose as you DREAM big and give yourself permission to be HAPPY

🥁Enjoy soulful, playful and passionate time with your partner as you command love and RESPECT in your relationship 🥰🥰🥰

The FEAR, low self-worth, disappointment and trauma can have you dreading another year - believe me I know


I did it and so can you! 💫💫💫💫

Book your sacred and DIVINE soul chat with me here👇

See you there!

Lots of love,


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