• Prathisha Singh

Experience your greatest holidays from your couch...

Hi everyone,

I am checking in from spectacular Sun City.

Since we arrived here, I have been immersed in a state of gratitude - appreciating the facilities, the atmosphere, my family and my closest friends.

It got me thinking. I know lots of you are not going on holidays due to the pandemic, financial reasons etc.

What if you could re- experience all the joy, peace and gratitude from your favourite holidays right from your couch or desk? That would be awesome, right?

And you can. Grab your favourite photo albums - hard copy or digital and lose yourself in your fondest memories. You can tap into everything a holiday offers - love, peace and gratitude. After all, the best part of holidays are the memories that you create.

Here is the link to my Instagram post from Sun City:

Happy holiday re-experiencing,

Prathisha Singh

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