• Prathisha Singh

How to stop being ignored and silenced

Hey Gorgeous Woman,

How to stop being ignored and silenced

Do you feel like no one listens to you when you speak? Are you feeling ignored, insignificant and like what you have to say doesn’t matter?

Have you lost your voice, Goddess?

Yes, Goddess that is who you are at the essence of your being. It’s time to embody your divinity, stand in your truth and own your voice.

Do you believe that what you have to say matters? Do you value your truth? Do you use your voice to stand in your truth?

My client, Samantha went from literally feeling undervalued and unworthy, unable to speak her truth, not standing up for herself to enjoying a relationship with healthy boundaries. Another client of mine now shares her divine message of empowerment with the world and serves deeply with sacred compensation.

This is available for you too. I made the shift personally, professionally and spiritually. You can too.

If you’re ready for that voice activation that you have been yearning for since you learnt how to talk, then this is for you, Gorgeous Woman. Apply for your sacred chat with me. We will figure out what blocks have been keeping you ignored and silenced. We will map out your power steps to own your voice, stand in your truth and expression share.

Much love,


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