• Prathisha Singh

How to stop drowning in emotions from the past?

How to stop drowning in emotions from the past

Are you drowning under the weight of your past? Feeling trapped, stuck and drained? It is exhausting to hold on to the emotions of a traumatic past - anger, bitterness, resentment, hurt.

Are you ready to release this so that you can ditch the fear and anxiety when you think of moving forward and when you think of your future?

When you are stuck in the trauma of your past and literally re-living the emotions in your mind and your body, you simply cannot be thinking and focusing on your present or your future. It’s as simple as that, Divine Woman.

My client, Simmi went from drained, exhausted and overwhelmed by the emotions triggered by her life’s catastrophe.

She was literally drowning under the weight of life and it became unbearable for her.

Simmi was stuck in all the heavy emotions of the past and it was like she was literally living from this space - in her mind and body.

Her family suffered, her work suffered and she was struggling overall with every aspect in her life.

Her shift began ONLY when she made the decision to ditch the past trauma and focus on the present.

We mapped out her power steps to manage the emotions, heal the past trauma and then only could we focus on creating her EPIC life.

This is possible for you too Goddess. I’ve been there. My clients have been there and we have experienced TREMENDOUS transformation. You can release the shadows of the past to live your divine-led life.

I invite you to make the powerful decision to transcend your past and become unstuck.

Join my sacred container, be the Goddess I know you are. If you are listening to this and it resonates with you and you are ready to transform your life, then apply for your sacred chat with me here

We will have a heart to heart chat to discover what your core blocks are. I will analyse your frequency and we will map out your next divine steps to lead you to the life you desire from a place of healing, love and support.

Much love,


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