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  • Prathisha Singh

Imagine if you could be physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilled WHILE being a mother

Imagine if you could be physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilled WHiLE fulfilling all your Goddess duties of being a:





Nurturing woman

Business woman

Career woman

Imagine that?

Well, all of it is available to you Goddess and I share my favourite tips and tricks in the Nourished Mama Initiation.

Catch the replay in my FB group

Unleash your Inner Goddess

Or you can DM me and I’ll send you the Google Drive link

Don’t miss out on the juicy bonuses and early bird prices if you watch the masterclass and apply for your sacred chat with me this week!

I’ll analyse your relationships, finances, career, parenting and we will see what’s working and what’s not. Then we will map out power steps to get you to the life your heart truly desires.

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“When I joined the Unleash Your Inner Goddess Program, I was so stuck I could barely get out of bed. Deep sadness. No clarity. This list could go on and on. The program brought a lot of awareness to the surface. I’ve experienced tremendous breakthroughs and shifts, as well as clarity of my purpose! I look at myself differently. Prathisha is direct, yet compassionate and kind. She knows how to bring out the best in me and she is always supportive.” 

Tara Becker (USA)

“Within three weeks of the Unleash Your Inner Goddess program, I  went from feeling trapped, anxious, helpless and hopeless in a stagnant career and a failing relationship to doubling my commission, commanding love and respect in my relationship and I got my zest for life back.”

Anna Grace (UK)

"I felt down and out.. I’d reached my lowest point. My twins had just turned a year old and my entire life was falling apart." 'Now I feel so much more confident and calm and the people who are around me now treat me with respect because I have now learned to respect myself.'

- Famida (SA)

Apply for your sacred chat here

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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