• Prathisha Singh

No one appreciates your martyrdom! 🛑🛑🛑

No one appreciates your martyrdom!

Dear Goddess,

No one appreciates the energy of sacrifice and martyrdom!

You are wasting your life stewing in your soul-crushing past.

It’s time to tap into your inherent power and ignite your soul’s fire!

Make waking up in the morning a joy, have a zest for life again.

Claim your emotional sovereignty- ditch the anxiety, fear, hurt, over-giving and PEOPLE- PLEASING.

Life is short, it has an expiration date so be the Goddess you know you are!

Turn the catastrophe in your life from something that breaks you into something that MAKES you 🔥

If you’re ready to invest in your sacred transformation,

If you’re done trying on your own and you want to end the struggle, then apply for your sacred chat with me here:

I will 🧐analyse your frequency to see what the core block is, and together we will map out your next steps so that you can start attracting everything you desire for your life ———— in just 90 days!!!!

💫This invitation is for women who are ready to release the pain and struggle, to reclaim their inherent power, and to rise into their divine and juicy Goddess energy.

If you desire more LOVE, more ABUNDANCE and more RADIANCE, this is for you!

I have limited spaces and book our really quickly, so if you’re serious about this and you feel READY——- then apply for a scared chat with me here:


I can’t wait to meet you (on Zoom that is!)

Lots of love,


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