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  • Prathisha Singh

Prosperous and Powerful CEO Queen

How am I a change maker?

I coach women who feel unsupported and are playing small in life and business to step up with grace and confidence to magnetize

the ❤️ love

Money 💰

And joy 🤩

Her heart ❤️ truly desires


By turning her pain story into a POWERFUL 💥 purpose with luxury and pleasure

Join me for the Powerful and Prosperous CEO Queen Masterclass and get crystal clear on your divine message so that you can

Leverage it with authenticity and potency to create or scale ———-your profitable and soul-led business


08:30 SAST, Wednesday, 25th January 2023

22:30 PST, Tuesday, 24th January 2023

01:30 ET Wednesday, 25th January 2023

23:30 MT, Tuesday, 24th January 2023

12:00 IST, Wednesday, 25th January 2023


In my private Facebook Group:

Money Queen Collective

See you there!

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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