• Prathisha Singh

Releasing Negative Emotions

Hi everyone,

we all experience negative emotions throughout the day, week, month and year.

What do you do when you feel anger, hurt, frustration, anxiety, worry or fear?

Most people in a great attempt to ‘get rid of’ the negative emotions,‘ resist it or try their best to ignore it. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t very effective, and sometimes even ends up stored in your body.

Try this the next time you are feeling a negative emotion:

sit with the emotion. Yes, you read correctly. The next time you are feeling a negative emotion, just sit with it. Allow yourself to feel it completely, until it reaches its peak of intensity. Notice, where in your body, you are feeling it. Feeling the emotion in this way, may result In crying. That is okay too. That is helping with the release of the emotion.

You will notice after a few minutes that the negative emotion has passed and you feel a sense of peace restored.

You are free to return to your day feeling, peaceful and calm - ready to attract joy, fun and positivity into your life!

Happy feeling and releasing,


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