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Happy Monday!

I hope that you’re having a fabulous day… and if you are not feeling so great, I hope hearing from me helps.

Your support system or angel team as I like to call to it, doesn’t need to be the people who are physically in your life. If they are, that is amazing and you are blessed.

In my darkest times, my biggest motivator and inspiring person was Sonia Ricotti - she is a motivational speaker, best-selling author and successful entrepreneur - who lives in Canada!

I ‘got to know’ Sonia from her teachings, books and courses and even today in my low moments, her work is my first go-to. I feel supported, inspired and whole lot more peaceful after listening to her or engaging with her work.

You are not alone. There are resources easily available and accessible, and hey you are part of our amazing community and I am just an email away!

Here is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide To Bounce Back Higher. Enjoy!

Set a powerful intention

The first step in the re-discovery of you is to set a powerful intention. Make the decision to learn the lessons, brush off the negativity, modify your path in life and move on from this situation.

When you are clouded by the negative situation that you are facing, your mind-set switches between positive frequencies of peace, love, forgiveness and even bursts of joy to the extremities of negativity which lie in shame, loss, fear, hurt and anger.

Setting an intention, not only asserts it to yourself, holding you accountable and aligning your thoughts, words and actions towards the fulfilment of your desire; but it is also a powerful way of letting the Universe/source/higher power/God know what you desire.

It allows you to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Once you have set a powerful intention, opportunities that you could never have imagined will be revealed to you.


  1. Set a powerful intention.

  2. Write your intention and read it at least three times until you feel the determination pulsing through your veins.

Once you have set a powerful intention for yourself and your life, and you have made the choice to live your best life, it is time to get a grip of your powerful mind.

The way you experience life is greatly dependent on the way that you think. The thoughts you think determine how you feel, how you react to people and situations, and the life that you manifest.

Have an amazing week!

Lots of love,


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