• Prathisha Singh

Shame, guilt and overwhelm

Hi Gorgeous Woman,

I hope you’re having an amazing December 👸👸👸

Ditch the shame and the guilt, Divine Woman 👸 You are perfect just as you are

💫Shift from overwhelm, feeling trapped, feeling like you’re failing as a partner and as mom 👉to a confident, self-assured woman who loves and nurtures herself and who smiles in the face of a toddler’s tantrum

💫 Embrace your own divinity so you can appreciate the divinity in your partner and your children

💫 All you need Divine Goddess, is a sacred space and support to release your pain, change your story and ignite your soul

♥️Apply for your sacred chat with me. Let’s chat about what’s going on with you and see if we are a fit 👇

See you there!

Lots of love,


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