• Prathisha Singh

The number 1 shift you can make to catapult your relationship

The number one shift you can make to catapult your relationship

Do you feel like your partner never supports you? Like your needs and desires always take the backseat? Is your partner always failing you? Are your expectations never met?

Then it’s time, Divine Woman to up your standards and unburden your relationship from expectations!

And by that I mean up -level YOURSELF. BE so amazing and allow confidence to ooze through every cell of your being - so much so that you don’t need your partner to be your 24/7 cheerleader.

Know your worth and your value with such confidence and femme power that you don’t need validation from your partner. Know your wants and needs so well that YOU ensure that they are met.

When I began to tap into my inherent power and to develop a deep reverence for my divine self, my marriage truly ascended.

I used to be like you, and most women out there constantly seeking my partner’s approval in one way or another. Meekly asking: ‘Do you lie this dress,?’ Or ‘Should I wear this,?’ Or ‘Should I buy this,?’ Or ‘What do you think I should do?’

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still ask all these questions, but now they are not loaded with the desperate need for approval.

I know how to value myself, so when I enlist my husband’s opinion or his support that it just what it is. My inner child isn’t secretly begging him to validate my ideas. I listen and engage with his thoughts. I also now know that he means well and he is coming from a place of love because my foundation of self-worth is so strong.

Previously (and I like to say in our ‘old’ marriage) I relied on him completely to validate my sense of worth. I was always doubting myself, lacking confidence so when he did give me any form of constructive criticism, I took it as an insult. After all, it rang true with my own poor self-talk and lack of confidence. It was almost like he was validating my lack of self-worth!

Stop relying on your partner to follow your soul’s sacred calling. That is your responsibility, Gorgeous Woman.

Ditch the self-doubt and be clear on your desires and dreams for YOUR life.

When you’re in your divine femme power, you are relaxed and your partner will LOVE to be around you and in your space. He will be relaxed and free to be his divine self - so ultimately your relationship will catapult to the next juicy level.

If you’re ready to ascend and enjoy a spectacular relationship full of understanding, compassion and growth, then apply for your sacred chat here:

We will have a heart to heart chat to discover what your core blocks are that are preventing you from enjoying the magnificent love that you are praying for.

I will analyse your frequency and we will map out your next divine steps to lead you to the relationship you desire from a place of healing, love and support.

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