• Prathisha Singh

The Relationship Rejuvenation

Leading Relationship Strategist and Inner Goddess Activator, Prathisha Singh Presents:

The Relationship Rejuvenation

A 90 Day sacred journey to fall in love with your partner again as you rekindle connection, restore communication and recreate your relationship from a foundation of deep intimacy, trust and soulful romance.

Divine Woman,

* Are you drowning under the weight of your failed marriage, feeling unworthy and like a failure?

* Do you feel hopeless and helpless about your future with your partner?

* Are you overwhelmed and unsupported to move into the next steps of what you truly desire?

* Do you find you are constantly wishing for a miracle so your struggle can magically vanish?

* Do you feel hurt, disappointed, lost and trapped in a relationship contaminated with bitterness and resentment?

How would it feel on this 90 day transformational journey of the soul to:

Heal and release the deep wounds that keep you stuck in old patterns of people-pleasing and over-giving to awaken your inner Goddess and communicate with LOVE not fear, blame and victimhood to create playful intimacy and deep connection with your partner.

Release the blame, shame and low self-worth to shift into a confident woman who feels safe to love and be loved on all levels.

Clear old relationship traumas and emotional blocks between you to feel deeply connected, seen and in tune with your partner.

Shift from the chronic fear of communicating your feelings and your soul’s desires into fully valuing and voicing your needs with ease and grace.

Release resentment and heartbreak, fall in love with your partner again and create a whole new relationship that nourishes your heart, soul and body.

Create a romance roadmap that will have you both enjoying romantic walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, adventures in the bedroom and a relationship filled with connection, love, respect and value.

Are you ready to commit to a Relationship Rejuvenation?

If so, apply for your sacred chat with me here

I will analyse your relationship frequency, see what's working and what isn't and then we will map out your next power steps to voicing your needs with ease, release resentment and create a romance roadmap to recreate a whole new relationship that nourishes your heart, soul and body.

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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