• Prathisha Singh

The sacred code to ascend into your divine femme power and start valuing yourself like a Goddess

Hey Goddess,

Let’s chat about  the sacred code to ascend into your divine femme power and start valuing yourself like a freakin’ Goddess:

The sacred code is… appreciation. SELF- appreciation.

Appreciate yourself for the Goddess that you are. We talk and we hear a lot about appreciation - appreciation for the things we have, the people we have in our lives, the home we live in etc etc.

Do you take the time to appreciate YOURSELF - yourself for the Goddess that you are?

We, you and I spend most of our day in self- critic mode. We criticise EVERYTHING about ourselves - our bodies, our clothes, our hair, our skin, how we failed as a mom, how we failed at work, how we are failed at business etc etc.

Lets’ shift out of this self-destruction and into the realm of riches!

Every morning, afternoon and every night - list three things (mentally or written) that you appreciate about yourself.

Written is preferred because it cements your new thoughts and feelings of appreciation for yourself on a deeper level.

Maybe you were kind to someone today, maybe you got your kids to school on time today, maybe you didn’t shout at your kids today and you were more patient, maybe you had an amazing hair day, maybe you got a new client.

Let’s celebrate YOU, Goddess. It can be big or small. As you continue this practice you activate the code of self-worth in every cell of your being.

If you’re ready to ditch the need the for external validation and transform your life from one that is suffocating you into one that you love from the activated place of self-worth, then apply for your sacred chat with me here

I’ll analyse your frequency and identify your core blocks that are stopping you from the life you desire. We will map out your next power steps to more radiance and abundance.

Much love,


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