• Prathisha Singh

The Wealthy Goddess Initiation

The Wealthy Goddess Initiation - free 2 day initiation

Are you struggling to make money, have money and hold on to money?

Do you feel stuck and trapped because you don’t have money?

Do you believe that money is the root of all evil?

Do you feel guilty about wanting more money?

Money means freedom through choice. Money brings experiences that bring happiness

Together we will:

Transcend the beliefs that are stopping you from attracting more money in your life so that you can have the freedom you desire

Comprehend how much of money you would need to transform your life into one that lights your soul up

Transmute your disgust for money into a deep reverence and love, allowing you to magnetize money and keep it

Shift your guilt around wanting more money to the Goddess knowing of the abundance you deserve and are worthy of having

29th and 30th June

3 pm SAST

7 am MDT

9 am EDT

2 pm UK time

Live in my private FB a group

Unleash your Inner Goddess

Much love,

Prathisha Singh

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