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The Woman on 🔥 FREE 3-day Challenge starts in 12 hrs!

Hey Gorgeous Woman,

The Woman on Fire 🔥 3 Day Challenge begins in 24 hours!

A FREE 3- day Challenge to heal, ascend and manifest the love and abundance your heart ❤️ truly desires!

🔥Are you ready to tap into the Goddess Frequency and step into the Woman you truly are?

🔥Are you ready to STOP 🛑 the self sabotage and become an energetic match for your dreams and desires?

I was there, where you are right now. Holding onto the past for dear life, always waiting for the 'right' time to make MY dreams a reality.

Consumed by the wants and needs of everyone else except me.

It cost me my marriage, my finances, my peace of mind, my health and my zest for life.😱😱😱

Until I DECIDED that enough is enough and I was ready to step up and BE the woman I knew I was born to be!

Everything changed for me and it can for you too.

The Woman on Fire 🔥 knows she was born for more.

She dreams of MASSIVE shifts in her life and the world and she KNOWS she has the power within her to do it.

❤️ She commands love and respect and has deep, soulful, playful intimacy with her partner

🔥 Her work and service lights her up and she magnetizes money 💰 doing what she loves to do and transforming the lives of her loved ones.

💥 Her children love and respect her and she provides them with endless opportunities and soulful experiences.

🔥 She walks tall and confident, gliding through life with ease and grace.

Are you ready to make the shifts, clear out the gunk in your trunk to BE the Woman on Fire and Manifest everything your heart truly desires?

🔥 If you desire it, it's your soul's calling and it is meant for you

Get the strategy to manifest the love, money and joy with ease and grace


Live online in my private FB group:


09:30 am SAST Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday 7th- 9th November 2022

DAY #1: The Goddess Frequency 

Ditch self-sabotage to unleash your inner goddess and become an energetic match for everything you desire.  

DAY #2:  Sacred Rituals for Magical Mornings

The most powerful exercises to start your day with an emotional, physical and spiritual boost making you feel unstoppable.

DAY #3: X10 Your Manifesting Power!

Why the law of attraction is not working for you and what you need to do instead.

💰 Money

❤️ Love


It's ALL yours - CHOOSE it now, Gorgeous!

See you there!

Much love,


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