• Prathisha Singh

Turn your pain story into a powerful purpose

Hey Gorgeous Woman,

Are you ready to turn your pain story into a powerful purpose?

Are you overwhelmed? Hurt, betrayed, disappointed? What have you lost?




Anxious - what is your pain, Divine Woman?

What if you knew that your pain and suffering, that your loss, sadness, unworthiness, failure and fear was all worth it?

That it was leading you to your soul’s calling and your ascension?

What would it mean to you to help other human beings who have been through the trauma that you have?

And you could heal yourself and transform your own life doing this?

You could own your voice, have financial freedom, emotional sovereignty, and LOVE what you do in the world?

As you know I am a geologist, professional scientist, turned Inner Goddess Activator and Ultimate Bounce Back Expert.

My entire life changed when I started listening to my soul’s calling. My profession, my relationships, my parenting - EVERY aspect of my life transformed when I made the decision to turn my pain story into a powerful purpose and - now, today -I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the first time in my life, I know my value, I know my worth, I have tapped into my inherent power and I live a divine-led, aligned life.

If you are ready to ditch your pain story, stop being the martyr in your life and take back the reins to your life then apply for a sacred chat with me.

I will analyze your frequency, help you identify the core blocks that are stopping you from living a soul aligned life that is lucrative, happy and fulfilling and map out your next power steps to get you moving in the direction of you soulful purpose.

Much love,


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