• Prathisha Singh

What the eff should you be doing with your life?

Ditch the confusion and doubt around what the eff you should be doing with your life and become fully integrated with your Goddess purpose

Hey Goddess,

Do you feel like you don’t belong, are you anxious and fearful when you have to go to new places and have new experiences? Do you fear the unknown? Are you stuck in the comfort of your comfort zone, Divine Woman? Do you feel unsafe and unsupported?

It’s almost like you are disconnected from the earth itself, your inherent power and your soul’s sacred calling.

What would it mean to you if the anxiety settles, you wake up feeling grounded, you have healthy boundaries in your relationships and you know how to manage your energy?

When you relax into who you are, when you value your Inner Goddess and develop a sense of deep reverence for your divine self, then you align with the truth of who you are. Your sacred gifts awaken and you transcend your limiting beliefs.

I am a professional scientist turned Inner Goddess Activator and Ultimate Bounce Back Expert - this was a clear result of turning my pain story into a powerful purpose. I could have chosen to remain being the victim, the martyr and the doormat, having my emotions ebb and flow to the whims of everyone around me for the rest of my life. But I didn’t - I made a powerful decision to create a life that resonates with my soul! I stand for the emotional sovereignty, financial freedom and soul liberation of women who are ready for divine and sacred transformation.

I did it and I’ve guided many women to do the same. So can you - and it doesn’t need to be a career change. Your sacred gifts and Goddess purpose will be revealed when you stop to listen the whispers of your soul, when you tap into divine femme power and when you learn to VALUE your divine self.

I invite you to try this root chakra activation:

Repeat as often as you can:

I am safe, grounded and protected.

When you are ready to transcend your limiting beliefs, transmute your pain into power and live a divine-led life then apply for your sacred chat with me here:

I will analyse your frequency, identify the core limiting beliefs that are holding you in shackles and keeping you stuck. We will figure out what the eff you are meant to to be doing with your life so that you can live your Goddess purpose.

Much love,


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