• Prathisha Singh

Your experience of life is within your control

Happy Monday,

do you believe that you can control every experience in your life?

You can and you do. Your thoughts about a circumstance determines your experience of it. Two people going through the exact situation can have completely different experiences based on their reaction to the situation.

Yesterday when I was getting my hair done, the stylist shared her circumstances with me and it was truly inspiring - not the actual situation, but her choice of reaction to her circumstance.

Thursday, this week would be her last day of work. The shop she worked at would be permanently shutting down. This is not really a rare occurrence in our economic climate, but still very devastating, earth shattering news - news that could easily be described as someone’s rock bottom.

Not for this young lady though. Before I could even get out one sympathetic word, she filled me in on her plans and her way forward. She said to me that it was an opportunity for her to study part-time and that she would operate a mobile hair salon to help her with her financial responsibilities. Accepting her situation completely, she did admit that she was very upset (understandably so) and would spend the weekend processing it. However, on Monday morning, she would be tackling her list of opportunities.

Her reaction caused our conversation to completely shift direction. She could have complained about the unfairness of the pandemic and how her boss was terrible and inhumane, but she consciously made the decision to focus on moving forward. Instead of focusing on the negative situation ahead of her, we bounced off ideas and extended her list of possibilities.

Leaving the salon, I felt inspired and she felt optimistic.

You can’t control everything that happens in your life. There are too many people, places and events for you to control. However, you can definitely control your experience of life.

Acceptance is key.

Change your thoughts and your perception of any negative situation that you are faced with, and you will experience life with more peace and calm.

Live peacefully,


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