The Ultimate Guide To: Bounce Back Higher

The Ultimate Guide To: Bounce Back Higher

You have hit rock bottom and feel like there is no way up. This is your new beginning and great things are in store for you.


Based on her bounce back higher experience, Prathisha Singh tells you that you will bounce back and it will be higher than you could have ever imagined.


The Ultimate Guide To: Bounce Back Higher is encouraging, supportive and inspirational. It will change your perception of life and your crisis, allowing you to use your rock bottom as a stepping stone to your greatest life.


Prathisha has included tools and techniques that she has successfully used on her journey of self-transformation. She is convinced that if used with care and consideration, they will shift your life too. 


The book provides insights and exercises, without harping on tales of negative experiences. It focuses on increasing your vibrational frequency with a large dose of positivity!

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